PODCAST: The B-Movies Podcast, episode #14: “Where Are You, Zac Efron?”

          William Bibbiani and I observe that, according to Hollywood anyway, the summer seems to be coming earlier and earlier. It now begins in late April, as the legitimately fun car chase movie “Fast Five” hits theaters. (more…)

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PODCAST: The B-Movies Podcast, episode #13: “Penitentiary 3”

In this episode, William Bibbiani and I talk more remakes (it’s always remakes, isn’t it?), China’s laws against time-travel movies, and give reviews of the low-budget vampire flick “Stake Land,” and the oddball film version of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, which is the first of a planned three-part film. One is pretty good. The other is bland, stilted and insufferable. (more…)

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PODCAST: The B-Movie Podcast, episode #12: “We are Randy”

          This was an exciting week for the B-Movies Podcast, as it was our first episode to feature a special guest. Ryan Turek, the documentarian behind the upcoming film on the “Scream” movies swings by to talk with us about horror movies in general, the “Scream” franchise in particular, including our review of “Scream 4.” (more…)

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PODCAST: The B-Movies Podcast, episode #11: “Noisy T(w)its”

          This week, William Bibbiani and I gather together late at night, during a blackout, no less, to record our spooky episode, where we talk about the recent superhero film “Super,” and “Hobo with a Shotgun,” which is probably the single most anticipated film ever. Well, maybe not, but it’s something that the Grindhouse fans and gorehounds have been sniffing at for a while. (more…)

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PODCAST: The B-Movies Podcast, episode #10: “1997 Called…!”

This was a slow news week over at Crave Online, so we, over at “The B-Movies Podcast” decided to do something a bit random, reached into the past, and gave our top five films from the year 1997, a year selected arbitrarily. Despite having to record the show twice (grumble), we still piddle away a good bulk of our allotted time discussing films of the past. If you haven’t seen the films we discuss, however, by all means seek them out from your local video store. Or do that downloady streamy thing that the kids seem so fond of these days. (more…)

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PODCAST: The B-Movies Podcast, episode #9: “Screw Your Family”

This week, William Bibbiani and I discuss the horrid “Sucker Punch” and the frothy and good “Potiche.” We discuss female empowerment, and then gleefully discuss leering at hot chicks. We also talk about the depressing version of the next “American Pie” movie, and wag chin about Cap’n America. (more…)

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PODCAST: The Idiot Box, episode #26

Here’s a funny thing. I know little about new television. I watched television pretty regularly, until I went out of state to college in 1996. I never really re-joined the bandwagon, only occasionally watching new shows. Despite this well-known fact about me, I was still considered be the guest co-host of Crave Online’s TV-themed podcast “The Idiot box,” ordinarily hosted by Blair Marnell and Sax Carr. (more…)

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PODCAST: The B-Movies Podcast, episode #7: “Pissing on Dreams”

In this episode, William Bibbiani and I discuss the horrible remakes and regurgitations in the Hollywood pipeline (including a film based in the Macy’s thanksgiving Day Parade), and talk severed breasts, “Children of Paradise,” and squelching children’s dreams. We also review the film “Black Death,” a medieval action flick that opened in arthouses last week. (more…)

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PODCAST: The B-Movie Podcast, episode #6: “Where are My Pants? The Vicar Is Coming!”

Evidently, the hosts of Crave Online’s other podcast “The Idiot Box” has taken exception to William Bibbiani and I. They have been good enough to promote out podcast, but we have not yet been good enough to return the favor. By way of introducing a rivalry, we decide to swap hosts for our episode after next. (more…)

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PODCAST: Witney Seibold on The Popcorn Mafia: “Denouement Harris Meets Solar Flare Bush”

Grae Drake, the witty and funny hostess of The Popcorn Mafia, was kind enough to invite me back onto her show recently, despite how flustered I was the first time around, back in June of 2009. I, and my other guest, Kevin Carr, spend a wonderfully funny hour riffing on the teenage aliens action flick “I am Number Four,” as well as John Carpenter’s underrated soulful alien film “Starman.” (more…)

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