20 Albums Every Geek Should Own

20 Albums Every Geek Should Own

Article by: Witney Seibold


In this article for Geekscape, I lament the waning power and significance of the Rock Snob in the echelons of geekery. I recall a time when record stores were the coolest crux of pop culture obsessives, and how rock ‘n’ roll scholars were at the top of the heap. In that spirit, I tried to think of ten records that geeks would love to get them back into the record stores, and enjoy weirdo music. That top-10 quickly became an epically long top-20.

I did not select (most of) the records on their content, so much as I did for their tone and sound. These are not records full of songs about comics and video games (although there are a few on this list), but rather a list of outsider geek music that should appeal to those who already are used to running in niche interest circles. It’s likely that you have some of these, and it’s more than likely that you have records that are way, way cooler than the weirdo CDs I list, so think of this list as a list of recommendations of outsider, oddball stuff to get into.

You can read the article here: http://geekscape.net/20-albums-that-every-geek-should-own.html

I know I left women off the list, and I apologize. Cat Power, Peaches, Gabby LaLa, Julie Brown and Mrs. Miller come immediately to mind. If you have any other ideas, let me know. Leave comments!

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