The Top-10 Self-Mutilations

The Top-10 Self-Mutilations

Article by: Witney Seibold


          Although I bothered to write a multiple-page essay on self-mutilations – and indeed this article is not for the squeamish – I want to assure my readers that I am not a cutter, nor am I suffering from depression. This article should stand, rather, as a spiritual brother to the article I recently published on the 10 most disgusting movies ever made; It’s more a further step in the (perhaps over-) enthused exploration of extreme cinema.

          Yes, the ickiest scenes in movies are the ones where people hurt themselves. Where they have to cut or slice into their skin for one reason or another. A sure sign that someone is disturbed is a scene where the intentionally hurts themselves. I have seen many dark, horrifying movies where the main characters fix their cannon pointedly on self-slaughter, and, in the spirit of poking at wounds, I compiled ten of the best such moments. Explore these moments with me, will you?

          This was, of course, another one of my lists for Geekscape, and you may read the full article at the link below:

          Be sure to indicate what moments I have left off. I already feel kind of bad for failing to mention Michael Haneke’s masterpiece “The Piano Teacher,” and a friend admonished me for neglecting “Secretary.” What do you think? Let me know.

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