The Top-10 Warriors of the Ancient World

The Top-10 Warriors of the Ancient World (in pop culture)

Article by: Witney Seibold


          I wrote this article the same weekend “Thor” was released in theaters. “Thor,” what with its theatrical bombast, and vague resemblance to the sci-fi/Dark Ages mash-ups from the 1980s, brought to mind such weird-ass fantasy epics as “Krull,” “Masters of the Universe,” and “Flash Gordon.” While many people my age have a fondness for these bizarre genre jumbles, there is something truly surreal about the earnest mixture of robots and dinosaurs. I have to admit though, thanks to my nostalgia goggles, I have a weakness for such things, if not for my joyous incredulity.

          In the spirit of the Ancient World Warriors, I decided to compile the following list for the good people at Geekscape, where I rank ten of the best. An honorable mention was given to Dar from “The Beastmaster,” and Geekscape’s head editor, one Jonathan London, has already taen me to task for not including him at number one. You can read my full list at the link below:

          I’m certain there are heroes I have left off this list, and I encourage you to lambast me for what I have forgotten or omitted. But please do leave comments. I like getting comments.

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