The Top-10 Greatest Unmade Movies

The Top-10 Greatest Unmade Movies

Article by: Witney Seibold


          Hollywood is rife with tragic tales of taken, altered, and unreleased dream projects. It’s a matter of pride, in fact, among cineastes, to collect and display information of great unmade movies. A casual observer can love “Citizen Kane,” but it takes a true expert to know what was in those missing reels of “The Magnificent Ambersons.” I once did a college report on a great unmade sci-fi masterpiece from the mid-1970s (detailed in the article below), which earned me no end of Brownie points from my fellow film-nerd classmates.

          In the spirit of pining over what could have been, I compiled the following list for the good people at Geekscape, where I flex my cinematic muscles, and share what facts I know about certain lost film projects of ambitious and famous auteurs. Each of these had the potential to be a masterpiece, or was, at the very least, a wonderful failure waiting to be written down in the Hollywood annals.  Read the full article at the link below, and marvel.

          Rather than languishing in anonymity, I encourage you to leave comments about the article, should you have any thoughts on it. Lambast me for forgetting something, correct my information, or just praise me copiously. But enjoy reading.

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