The Top-10 Most Disgusting Movies

The Top-10 Most Disgusting Movies

Article by: Witney Seibold

                It’s incredible the amount of blood and gore some horror hounds can tolerate. I myself was always drawn to horror films, even when I was of an age that they scared the hell out of me. After a while, I built up a tolerance for gore, and wasn’t as scared or grossed out by bloody mayhem. I’m sure many young horror nuts have a similar character arc.

                But there are still movies out there whose gore, pus and goop surpass the old desensitized defenses, and you find your gorge rising once again. As I also went through a phase in my early 20s, where I sought out the weirdest, sickest, most unusual films I could. The films on the list below are from that search; I have now compiled the ten most disgusting movies I have seen. Read it, smile, and choke back the rising acidic bile in your throat. Then seek out the ones you think you can stand.

                Just follow the link below to Geekscape, and you can read the entire list.:

Enjoy. Leave comments. If you know of any films that I have overlooked, please, please tell me about them; I’d like to watch whatever weird corners you may have in mind. Just don’t bother bringing up “A Serbian Film.” I will see that one in due time.

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