PODCAST: The B-Movies Podcast, episode #10: “1997 Called…!”

This was a slow news week over at Crave Online, so we, over at “The B-Movies Podcast” decided to do something a bit random, reached into the past, and gave our top five films from the year 1997, a year selected arbitrarily. Despite having to record the show twice (grumble), we still piddle away a good bulk of our allotted time discussing films of the past. If you haven’t seen the films we discuss, however, by all means seek them out from your local video store. Or do that downloady streamy thing that the kids seem so fond of these days.


From there, we review Duncan Jones‘ sci-fi thriller “Source Code” and the new haunted house film “Insidious.” One comes recommended. The other comes with a mild warning. Listen to the episode at the link below.




And, yes, we used Rebecca Black’s infamous hit song “Friday,” but only to illustrate that our show will be published on Fridays from now on.

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