Ten “Gateway” Films

Ten “Gateway” Films

Article by: Witney Seibold

A few weeks ago, I encouraged a friend to get a video store membership, and rent “Zodiac.” I feel like I did a good thing, and not just because “Zodiac” is a woefully under-appreciated classic. It’s because this boy was about 22 years old, and, judging by his conversation, had not yet grown past the adolescent instinct to catalog films in your mind, and assign films to your own identity. I realized that the “geek” lifestyle – a lifestyle marked by voracious consumption of a certain kind of genre film, and an instinct to rank films in a very scientific fashion – has not only pervaded popular thinking (just look at the numbers attached to The San Diego Comic Con if you don’t believe me), but may serve as a detriment to the true love of films.


As a response to this event, I submitted the following list to, of course, Geekscape, where (after a non-succinct and kind of rambling introduction), I try to find a list of ten great films that would be watchable even to the most jaded teenager. Gateway films. Film that can grab a jaded viewer, and given them hints that the film world has more to offer than “the Evil Dead,” “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” and whatever brand new sci-fi or genre film is currently playing in theaters.


Maybe my intentions are smug. Maybe they’re not even all that clear. But I think this list may, in nay case, serve as a good primer and list of recommendations for any film-lover of any age. Read it at the link below.




As always, you are encouraged to leave comments. If you haven’t seen these film, my young ones, by all means, seek them out.

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