The Top-10 Best Fictional Books

The Top-10 Best Fictional Books

Article by: Witney Seibold

If you are reading in public, and you are near me, you will be asked about your book. I am a well-read individual (I like to think), and books interest me. Hence, when a character is reading a book within a book, or in a film, or on TV, I usually crane my neck to see what they are reading. What a character is reading can reflect upon their personality in such wonderful shorthand. The best books are the ones that have been manufactured for the purposes of the film, show or, well, book. They instill in me a voracious desire to read this imaginary book and get to know the film that much better.

In the spirit of reading, here is a list I compiled for the good people at Geekscape. It’s a countdown of the ten best fictions within fiction. Read and enjoy.

Read the article here.

Leave comments, please. Either here or on Geekscape.

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  1. The power of books. ‘Geekscape’ as reading takes us places is such a wonderful name!

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