Ten Embarrassing Final Films from Film Legends

Ten Embarrassing Final Films from Film Legends

Article by: Witney Seibold

It happens far too often, and this list is far from being complete: There is that curious phenomenon of the working actor, in that they will work hard all their careers, establish themselves as a mainstay, win awards, become well beloved the world over, become universally recognized as an iconic legend, and then, for whatever reason, will begin to retract in popularity, and work opportunities will begin to dry up. They begin taking smaller, lower-profile jobs, these legends, until they enter a late-phase career trend of garbage. A once-loved legend will then bow out on a project that is underseen, horrible, ill-reputed, or all three.


This is a Geekscape list devoted to that phenomenon. I have selected ten legitimate film legends, taken a look at the end of their careers, and winced. Read the following article and wince along with me:




Leave comments, and be sure to list any others you feel need mentioning.


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