PODCAST: The B-Movies Podcast, episode 5: “Lunge Wildly at the Pope”

In this episode, William Bibbiani and I discuss our opinions on the upcoming Oscar ceremony, and weigh in on our predictions. I was largely incorrect, but I always tend to vote more with my heart than my head. We also talk about the wonderful “Drive Angry,” which opened on Friday. We come to the conclusion that it’s the B movie of the year, and is hugely enjoyable, which is a change, since we’ve mostly slagged on the films we’ve reviewed.


Evidently, we’ve become something of a running gag on the other Crave Online podcasts, as they mention us a lot, but we have yet to mention them. Be sure to tune into our next episode, as we will try to rectify this, or at least display a good amount of well-orchestrated scorn.


Listen to the show here:




Leave comments, and enjoy.

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