The Top-10 Most Horrible Children

The Top-10 Most Horrible Children

Article by: Witney Seibold

There are scads of killer children in movies, but, after a recent viewing of “Mildred Pierce” (a film which I highly recommend, by the way), I realize that there are just as many horrible children in movies and TV who do not kill, but are still terrible humans. I like these kids better. They’re strangely more villainous. More horrible. They are possessed of that deliciously evil melodrama that I’m so drawn to.


In that spirit, I have compiled the following list of horrible children for Geekscape. It ranges from recent films to classic films to TV to even classic literature. But, rest assured, none of these children are children you’d want near you.


You can read the full article at the address below:


Be sure to correct any oversights. My editor already tut-tutted my omission of Bebe’s Kids.

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  1. Love this! Never quite made the connection until you pointed it out. I just looked at them like brats, who needed some dicipline. Now, they seem a little scary.

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