Ten Great Geek Team-Ups

Ten Great Geek Team-Ups

Article by: Witney Seibold

The most common geek question is probably “Who would win in a fight?” The following discussion of strength and weaknesses can likely last for hours, as each of you weighs in on the powers of, say, Wolverine and Cyclops. The second most common geek question, though, especially when superheroes are involved, is one of teamups. Which two superheroes, you ask, would work the best together? Those discussions can last just as long, and be just as passionate.


I compiled the following list in the spirit of the superhero team-up. But, rather than sticking to comic books, I thought of other team-ups from the worlds of TV and film that would be just as entertaining to watch, and which are, I must admit, more within my experience. This one was fun to brainstorm. Enjoy the article bu clicking the link below.




Read, consume, disagree, agree, and leave comments.

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