The Top-10 Sports Movie Villains

The Top-10 Sports Movie Villains

Article by: Witney Seibold

Every year, there is a Super Bowl. Every year, I never learn who is playing. I can’t tell you who won any Super Bowl.


Seeing as I write about movies, and I spend most of my time contemplating the important philosophies presented by various European filmmakers (usually while I re-watch “Showgirls” for the 25th time), I think it’s clear that I’m not much of a buff of organized sport. I do make it a point to watch the Olympics every other year, but aside from that, televised sporting events are rarely more than background noise at a bar.


I learned about sports, sportsmanship, and the playing of America’s most favorite pastimes from movies. In my cinematic experiences, all athletes must eventually prove themselves in a single show of their skill against an evil athlete (who is superior in every way to them, but that they just don’t have enough heart). In the spirit of the sporty villain, I have, for the good people at Geekscape, compiled this list of the ten best sports movie villains.


Read the article here:


I encourage, as always, feedback. Let me know what I left off.

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  1. Did you know Frank Dux from Bloodsport is a real person? A fraud, but a real person.

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