Star Wars: Episode IX – The Fall of Vantus (2020)

Star Wars: Episode IX – The Fall of Vantus (2020)

Film review by: Witney Seibold

It was a pity that such a grand epic like “Star Wars: Episode VIII – Destruction of the Arc” was such a flop at the box office. I feel that it would have done better, had James Cameron‘s “Battle Angel” flopped like so many people predicted. So George Lucas and his screenwriter Aaron Sorkin have, perhaps, rewritten the film slightly to placate the demands of the snippier fans. “The Fall of Vantus” is still an excellent film, but doesn’t have the breadth or depth of its precursor.


And the fact that John Williams died before being able to work on this film did not adversely effect the overall it. I liked the music just fine, and David Cronenberg, while not having too much passion for the material, still directs with aplomb.


The acting is still great, the film still looks excellent, and it concludes in a meaningful way. Read my full review on the Geekscape website:


Thanks for joining me on this adventure.

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