Score (1972)


Film review by: Witney Seibold

There was a time when adult films were made for adults, and not gasping adolescents who are addicted to the Internet. Back in the 1970s, porn wnet mainstram for the first time, and what better way to take a view of that than Radley Metzger’s 1972 bisexual chic classic “Score.”

In a way, a slow-burn erotic film like this is more erotic – much sexier – than any 2-minute Internet clip of human genitals in gory close-up.

This is only the third review I’ve ever written of a pornographic film, and I hope I was equal to the task. It was published on the Geekscape website, and you can read the entire review below:

Enjoy the review. I very much encourage you to leave comments. You can leave them here, or you can leave them on the Geekscape site. They can be positive or negative, so long as they are honest. Again, enjoy.

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  1. I most definitely enjoyed this movie, sexy men and women… gave me thoughts of experiencing a threesome… very favourable.
    I have the dvd with the uncensored gay sex between Cal Culver and Gerald Grant!
    The poppers they used back then dangling from a necklace chain very clever.

  2. Ah yes. Poppers. Back when that sort of thing first became fashionable.

    The DVD I reviewed was also the uncut version, with the hardcore scenes left in tact. I did comment on how explicit (and sexy) those scenes were.

    I would have commented more on how arousing the film was, but I wanted to keep it at least a little professional. 😉

    • I will professionally comment that the male/male sex was more exciting than the female/female sex altho the orgy prep scene towards the end was arousing. That is how it should be enjoying either body without guilt or shame or ridicule.
      Some reviews stated the actors were not very good from porn stars to making a movie, I think with that much dialogue they performed believably.
      The music was groovy!

      • And, evidently, no one knows the name of the band that performed the notable theme tune “Where is the Girl/Boy?”

        The acting was heads and shoulders above typical porn acting.

        And yes, the female sex scene was a little abstract and protracted. The male sex scene was clear and sexy.

  3. The theme song “Where is the Boy/Girl” is played repeatedly throughout the movie. The musicians have never been identified; it seems likely that the song was composed specifically for the film, to avoid any copyright issues.
    I enjoyed the Mick Jagger sounding singer altho the sex scene music “Dawn Mist” by Stringtronics off the compilations Barry 7’s Connectors album is very easily played today to seduce a man or woman!

    Supposedly the female actresses didn’t get along after the actress that played Elvira found out the Betsy actress was paid 3 times more as a newcomer, I guess it shows because their scenes together were not as convincing as the two male actors.
    I look forward to sharing this movie to my next sexual conquests!

  4. “Hunted” by Barry Forgie – Radley Metzger Score is the main sex scene music, I stand corrected.

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