The Top-10 (Plus 4) Fictional Places I Would Love to Visit

The Top-10 (Plus 4) Fictional Places I Would Love to Visit

Article by: Witney Seibold

Here is another list that I wrote for Geekscape. Everyone has their dream vacation locales already firmly set in their minds. If pressed, though, I’m sure most people already have a few imaginary places they’d like to visit tucked away somewhere; who hasn’t secretly entertained impossible fantasies of visiting Oz, serving on the Starship Enterprise, or living on a maritime warship?

This list was so much fun to ponder and write about, I had to expand it from a top-10 to a top-14; I didn’t have the heart to cut the final four. Indeed, the short list was really long, and I was constantly getting suggestions from friends. Peruse the list at your disposal, and do leave comments. You can leave them here, or sign up on Geekscape itself, and leave comments there. Follow this link to read:

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  1. I know I forgot a lot…

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