The Series Project: Police Academy

The Series Project: Police Academy

Film essay by: Witney Seibold

Let us look back… This article has been, along with a few others in The Series Project, re-purposed for reading over at CraveOnline. Be sure to look up this and and many others, over at that site. Click on the following link, my friends, to read all about The Series Project.



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  1. Great overview. Really brought back memories. I remember seeing 1 & 2 back to back @ a Drive-In Theater (remember those?).

    I remember the scene in part 3 or 4 where Easterbrook’s character is teaching how to rescue someone from drowning, so she jumps in the pool in her t-shirt, and and pops up and asks who will come save her, and now you can see through her shirt (with nothing underneath), and all the men jump in.

  2. Excellent retrospective on one of my fave 80’s movie series – though even I’ll admit they were scraping in the dirt underneath the barrel bottom by the end. I saw parts 1-6 in the theater, but didn’t manage to catch up to 7 until home video. I wouldn’t be able to sit through the cartoon, but now I’m sorry I didn’t put forth more effort to watch the single season of the live action series when it was in syndication. Thanks for posting this!

  3. “Top Secret!” is the biggest shit I ever seen. How dare you to even try to compare it to Police academy.

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