Subtitle Poetry, Canto II

Subtitle Poetry, Canto II

A found poem by: Witney Seibold’s DVD Player

My Magnavox MDV 410 is still communicating with me.

Very occasionally, my DVD player chooses a single line of dialogue from an English-language DVD, and unexpectedly turns on the subtitles. Only single lines ever appear, and I suspect that my player may be trying to tell me something. I have already assembled a baffling, but perhaps profound, poem out of these seemingly-random single lines of dialogue (which can be found on this very site at the following address: ), but I think my player is still eager for human communication.

Here then is the second poem that my player has produced. It has a screaming, apocalyptic feeling to it. The final line seems like a weary resignation. What do you think this piece of consumer electronics is trying to say to me?

If I could find it in my heart to disgrace my man’s apparel…

Tell you what. Tardis key.

Oh well, I guess I better go kill myself.

Well, I’m a practicing psychologist.

Maybe we could work in tandem.


-What about the dog?  –I don’t know.

Quinn, Jack. Your final assignment is classification red.

And I know you got your problems with the church, too.

When I start to make a fool of myself…

Ah, the summer.


Fran! Fran! Fran!

You know?

♪ If I only knew ♪

The awe-inspiring…

I’m curious, sir.

It’s an entertaining flick, and I can see why you like it, Toby.

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