The Series Project: Star Trek

The Series Project: Star Trek

Film article by: Witney Seibold

Enterprise A

I have admitted in these hallowed Internet pages that I am a hardcore Trekkie. So hardcore, in fact, that I say “Trekkie” and not “Trekker.” I feel “Trekkie” is reserved for the true, nerdy, diehard Trek fans, while “Trekker” is a revisionist term for nerds who are trying to deny their nerd-dom.

Good God, I’m uncool.

This article, like others, has been re-purposed for CraveOnline, and can soon be read, in three parts, over on that website. Thanks for following!

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  1. Nice post.

    FYI Jane Wyatt plays Spock’s mother in Star Trek 4, not the woman Kirk romances to get the whales.

  2. Thank you.

    That was a horribly sloppy mistake, and it has been corrected.

  3. I can agree with some of your opinions on these Trek movies, but I feel Star Trek V gets the shaft. It has some of the best character interactions in all of the films. It focuses on the three main characters of the series, with nods to the supporting cast. A “madman” takes over the crew and brings them to “God” only to find out that this being is not God, as they have done on so many great episodes of TNG and TOS. V was a very Star Trek movie, not the best, but not nearly as bad as IX, X, or arguably XI.

    Oh and Trekkie, Trekker, whatever! We still sing row row row your boat on camping trips and eat Dr. McCoy’s family recipe beans by the fire!

  4. I couldn’t agree more with your take on the Abram’s ST. I’ve only walked out on one movie in my life and I was really close to doing it during this one.

    So, there’s two of us anyway!!!

  5. […] unit. How does, of instance, a play lessen and upsurge opposite a whole immeasurable criterion of Star Trek movies? Or how do a events of a sixth Police Academy film describe to a events of a prior five? The […]

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