Warner Bros. Cartoon Shorts (1930-1955)

The Brutally, Delightfully Honest Language of Comedy

An essay by: Witney Seibold


A friend of mine was recently, in a fit of argumentative playfulness, dismissing most every film produced in America from the end of World War II all the way to the advent of the Beatles in the early 1960s. Sure, he posited, there were classics along the way (“All About Eve” sprung immediately to mind, and “Sunset Boulevard”), but for the most part, all American films of the late 1940s and all of the 1950s were infused with a depressing display of bland, repressive square-ness. He would not get behind the colorful melodramas of Douglas Sirk, the English-language noir classics of Fritz Lang, or the gloriously oddball cinematic uncle that is ‘50s sci-fi.

The rest of this article has moved! I have lazily re-purposed it (with several extensions and improvements) for the Free Film School over on CraveOnline. Go there, and you will see it published in two parts! Enjoy!


-Witney Seibold

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  1. […] . Relevant topics include war, violence, human rights, political economy, development, culture Warner Bros. Cartoon Shorts (1930-1955) – witneyman.wordpress.com 06/16/2009 The Brutally, Delightfully Honest Language of Comedy An […]

  2. I really want you all to put Looney tunes Back Thanks warner Bros!

    • Why, Why, Why can’t the Looney Tunes become live on stage I really really really miss them. Especiially, Porky Pig does he have that talk what language was it funny appealing for a character

      Maybe, I will ask Speiberg to help out he did a exciting Movie with M Jordan for the Looney Tunes Part 2 They are back thanbks.

  3. Hi:

    I enjoyed this article. I am looking for an old wartime propaganda cartoon (black and white, had to be in the 30’s) where a German baker practicing socialist principles goes out of business. Even as I kid, I got it. Ring any bells? I’d love to have it in my collection.


  4. Great article!

    My childhood would not have been as happy as it was if it were not for the creative genius that is encapsulated in Warner Bros. Cartoons. I am happy to see that Pixar animation studios has picked up the gauntlet of really funny short cartoons made for the cinema. The genius of “Presto”, and animated short about a magician, his magic hat, and an uncooperative trick rabbit owe much of their genius to Looney Tunes/Merry Melodies.

    Thanks for the article.


    PS: You can find all of these great cartoons on Netflix.

  5. I am searching for a pic of a cartoon cat, he stands up tall’ thin side, wearing a top hat and tuxedo jacket, holding a cane and has a 1920’s cigarette and holder hanging from his mouth. he looks like he is a scruff, but he seemed to be going out on the town? black and white cat? if you know what i am talking about? please tell me his name and where i can find him:) ty so very much

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