Underworld: Evolution

Underworld: Evolution

Film review by: Witney Seibold


            O.k. so who would win in a fight? A vampire or a werewolf? What if it was, like, the very first vampire and the very first werewolf, an’ they were all like superpowerful, ‘n’ huge ‘n’ monstery? An’ the werewolf couldn’t turn back into a human ‘r anything. Who would win?

Fans of the inexplicably successful first Underworld (2003), will be delighted by this sequel, which reunites the same stars, the same director (Len Wiseman), writers, photographers and everyone. It looks the same, acts the same, and feels the same as the first. If you liked Underworld, then you’ll love Underworld: Evolution! I did not like Underworld so much, so I’m having trouble getting behind Underworld: Evolution. The first was murky and confusing, and while it did pose the ever-important vampire vs. werewolf question (including the poser of a “werepire”), and did feature Kate Beckinsale in skin-tight vinyl (yow!), it ultimately was a mess. This new film is just as murky and just as messy, but slightly better, as the story is a bit clearer, and we have the added bonus of a Derek Jacobi apprearance.

The semi-clear story: The werewolf/vampire war is still raging, and vampire Selene (Beckinsale, still just as fetching in vinyl) and her half-vamp, half-werewolf lover Michael (Scott Speedman) are on the lam. They discover an ancient plot to free the very first werewolf from prison, sealed away centuries ago by his very-first-vampire brother. The theory is that when one of The  Firsts is killed, so will all of their kind. Or something. Maybe the two über-monsters just wanna eat all the humans. I’m not too sure. Needless to say, our scrappy heroes investigate all their options, and use their ineffable cool to save the day. Jacobi plays the Twins of Evil’s father, lending some much-needed class to proceedings, and Bill Nighy reprises his role as vampire king (although, since his head was sliced in half in the first, he’s here in flashback).

Is it good? Not really. Will it please genre fans? You bet. And, seeing as I will always be a horror kid at heart (I recall fondly renting horror sequels as a 15-year-old), part of the film appealed to me. To you horror fans (and you know who you are): yeah, it ain’t too bad.

January 20th, Screen Gems

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