Crazy Love

Crazy Love

Film review by: Witney Seibold



            Oh honey, you’ll nevah believe this couple I just met.


            They’re the Pugach couple. Linda and Burt. You hard of ‘em? Lemme tell you awll about it.


            Y’see they dated a few time back in the ‘50s. Linda was a beauty. A total beauty. Burt wasn’t much to look at, but you want money in your man? Eh, fugeddaboudit. He had money out the tuchus. He was married to another lady, but y’know how it is with men. Anyway, he and her were going out for a little while. Everyone thought he was kind of a nut, but when you’re rich as he is, maybe it’s o.k. t’be a li’l nutty. He promised to leave his wife, and he even showed Linda the divorce papers.


            But then, here’s the first kicker: it turns out those papers weren’t real. Burt had ‘em forged just so’s he could keep on dating Linda. Also, he was wandering all ovah the place with the ladies. Y’know, like sleepin’ around. I know!


            Linda started seeing this other guy almost right away. Burt was furious, and started doin’, like, some pretty crazy things t’ win ‘er back. I don’t mean like chocolates and flowers and love letters an’ stuff (although he did do that). No, I man like her hired big guys to push ‘er around and rough ‘er up occasionally so that she’d have to go back to Burt for comfort. Y’know?


            Then Burt hired these guys to go by her place and throw acid in ‘er face. Y’know, like lye? I know! It’s harrible! Poor Linda was made mostly blind. They caught the guys that did it, an’ they told the fuzz about Burt an’ how he was all a mental case and all, and Burt was taken away to prison.


            An’ even then he didn’t let up. He kept writin’ Linda letters from prison about how he couldn’t live without ‘er, and how he was gonna make it up to ‘er. Anyway, to make a long story short, ‘e never got over her, even after, like thirteen years in prison.


            Linda tried traveling an’ stuff, but could never land a man on account of ‘er eyes and her face bein’ all messed up, y’know? Well, Burt gets outta prison, and Linda was finally worn down by the letters, and guess what? They get married! I know! Talk about a twisted love story, right? Now they’re, like, the happiest couple in the world. He blinded her and was all a psychopath, and they still got married! Oh migawd, right? An’ now she’s makin’ his life miserable by naggin’ him all the time, but he’s, like, totally happy with it.


            I guess even psychos can be happy, right?


             “Crazy Love” is a documentary film about this couple. It was directed by Dan Klores and Fisher Stevens (yes, that Fisher Stevens) and truly is an astonishing tale. For most of the film, you look at both Linda and Burt, and marvel at how twisted and damaged they are (he, for committing violence, she, for her desperation). But then you see footage of the two of them together, nagging and berating and belittling each other, and then smirking, and you begin to see that perhaps this is one of the Earth’s perfect couples. I’ve heard of subs and doms finding each other, I heard a tale about a perfect pairing of a perpetual cheater and a perpetual snoop. Not all perfect couples need to be entirely sane to be entirely happy and entire in love.


            Burt and Linda Pugach are living happily ever after. No matter where you stand, that’s enviable.

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