Name That Script: Vivica A. Fox

Name That Script: Vivica A. Fox

A challenge met by: Witney Seibold, Based on an idea by Richard Ortiz and Artie Mora 

The challenger: Richard Ortiz 

The actress: Vivica A. Fox


The five films:

“Kill Bill”

“Idle Hands”

“Independence Day”

“Teaching Mrs. Tingle”

“Batman & Robin”(By the way: I hate you, Richard)Batman’s past is catching up with him. Years ago, early in his superhero career, Bruce Wayne mistakenly beat an assassin into a coma. The assassin was in Gotham City to take out a local politician with dubious connections to large corporations. Batman caught her just in time, and there was a spectacular fight. Batman was a little too brutal, though, and left her hospitalized. He has had a code against killing ever since, and his new partner Robin doesn’t know about this incident.The assassin, however, has regained consciousness after seven years, and is now seeking revenge against Batman and anyone who works with him.Batman and Robin have been partners for three years now, and Robin is beginning to show signs of defiance. In fact, Robin hasn’t costumed up in weeks, preferring to stay in the

Wayne mansion, watch TV and get high. Batman hates it, but realizes that he can’t make Robin go out. One solitary evening alone, Robin begins to notice his right hand feeling strange. Before he can do anything about it, his right hand has, of its own accord, yanked him across the room and destroyed several of Bruce Wayne’s valuable objects d’art. His hand is alive!High above the Earth, a fleet of enormous ships sail silently toward us.The assassin escapes from the hospital; her legs atrophied, and steals a car. While she recovers, we see a flashback to her school days, and what led her to be an assassin in the first place. It seems that one of her teachers, Mrs. Tingle, was a horrible and manipulative witch who rarely encouraged her, and only managed to fill her students with rage. The assassin was never able to shake this rage. When Mrs. Tingle arrived at the assassin’s wedding a decade ago. Drunk and railing, she revealed the assassin’s true identity, and spewed out all of the horrible things she had done during her school days, effectively ruining the wedding. The assassin snaps back to reality, and goes in search of Batman.

Batman hears of the ships approaching Earth, and uses his bat gadgets to discover that they are planning an invasion of sorts. He tries to get Robin’s help on the approaching menace, but Robin refuses to leave his room, afraid what his right hand might do.

Robin decides to ask his teacher about his rogue hand; Mrs. Tingle would seem to know about this. Mrs. Tingle, though careful observation, has learned that her student is really Robin, but has not told anyone, preferring to use this information against him at the appropriate moment. Robin’s hand almost kills Mrs. Tingle, but she subdues him, and explains that he has been too idle recently, allowing Evil to enter his hand. She does not, however, have a solution for him.

The assassin begins tailing Batman, trying to find out where he goes during the day, but always loses him, and can’t seem to find Robin anywhere. In another flashback, we see more horrors that Mrs. Tingle visited upon her. Mrs. Tingle, was also her first martial arts coach, and taught her how to fight. The assassin, still roiled about the spoilt wedding, kidnaps Mrs. Tingle and ties her to a bed, trying to see if a turnabout of power feels good. Mrs. Tingle is unfazed. Eventually, Mrs. Tingle talks her ways into being released, and the assassin turns to a life of crime…

The enormous saucers take place above key locations in Gotham City. Batman knows what’s going to happen, but is powerless to warn anybody; The Commissioner is busy with keeping the panic down in the city. The aliens attack! They blow up buildings and there is general mayhem!It just so happens that the assassin passes a school at that moment of mayhem, and spies Mrs. Tingle still around and teaching! She is with a young man clutching his wrist. The assassin, momentarily distracted from her Batman-hunt, barges in to fight Mrs. Tingle. Mrs. Tingle, as smarmy as ever, is not able to subdue the assassin, but to talk her into a rage. Robin’s possessed hand seizes the assassin and begins to choke her. Mrs. Tingle, sadistically interested in the struggle, and having a deep-seated hatred for all her students, tells the assassin that the young man is Robin (just to embarrass him) and then teases them both that neither is a very good vigilante. The sword-wielding assassin, however, slices off Robin’s possessed hand and demands at sword point to be taken to Batman. Mrs. Tingle flees. Robin begins to lead the assassin to Batman.Batman has constructed a rudimentary flying craft, and a special computer virus which he feels with destroy the aliens’ computers and prevent them from any more attacks. He takes off.

Robin, spying the craft, indicates to the assassin where Batman is. They go back to Wayne manor, hijack another one of Batman’s flying toys, and go off in pursuit. Robin’s possessed hand is secretly stowing away, still alive.Batman arrives inside the alien craft, ready to save the day. The assassin, however, finds him there, and confronts him. Robin is ashamed that he betrayed Batman, and still smarting over his hand removal. The assassin explains her need for revenge. Batman explains to the assassin what happened to his own parents so many years ago and how she and he, as vigilantes, are actually kindred spirits. He explains how, in the last seven years, he has not killed anyone, and the savage beatings have been kept to a minimum. The assassin still wants revenge, but sees that Batman has turned over a new leaf in the last few years. She momentarily forgets her vendetta, and decides to help Batman take down the aliens.As soon as Batman implements the virus, the aliens catch on. They bodily attack our trio. Batman, Robin and the assassin all begin to fight their way out. Just as they seem cornered, the possessed hand leaps from its hiding place, strangles several aliens, and allows the trio to escape. The hand, though, is still evil, and goes after them as well. The three of them make it to their machines in time, and flee the ship.

The ship begins to explode. Batman has stopped the alien menace.

There’s still the issue of the assassin’s revenge. Batman points out that she’s already crippled his sidekick, which should do fine for now, but the real person to blame for all this was the one who made her so angry to begin with. The trio find Mrs. Tingle and confront her. She is resilient, and begins working her smarmy charm on them all. It’s not long before she has talked all three of them to tears again. Seeing a new opportunity to have Batman, Robin, and an assassin at her beck and call, she begins cackling wickedly, but just then, Robin’s hand leaps out once again, and strangles her. The trio all have upon the hand and destroy it, but Mrs. Tingle is already dead.

Revenge has been elicited, the aliens have been stopped, the horrible woman is dead, and Robin gets up off his lazy ass. Only now he has one hand.

The end.

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