Name That Script: Max von Sydow

Name That Script: Max von Sydow

A challenge met by: Witney Seibold, Based on an idea by Richard Ortiz and Artie Mora

The challenger: Robert

The actor: Max von Sydow


The five films:

“The Seventh Seal”

“The Exorcist”

“Judge Dredd”

“Flash Gordon”

“Snow Falling on Cedars”

Oh no. Its spreadingThe future: Crime has spun out of control, and the police have been replaced by Judges, who can punish criminals on site. In a small fishing village, a man has been found in his own fishing net with a head wound. A Judge, Judge Dredd, is sent to investigate.

High above the Earth, a ship looks on Ming the Merciless is bored, and decides to head over here to play with the Earthlings.

Judge Dredd arrives in the small fishing village, only to discover that one of his old loves, a Japanese woman, is living there. To make matters worse, the Japanese womans family are all implicated in the murder. Judge Dredd may have to kill his old flames parents, or even her little sister, Regan. He also sees lurking about this village, a man with a white face and a black cloak. Hm Is he another suspect?

Ming draws closer

When Judge Dredd confronts the family, he finds that one of them has not been behaving normally. The Japanese womans little sister, Regan, has been spacing out from time to time, and been muttering things in Latin. Judge Dredd cannot explain this behavior, but it is suspicious to him, so he has her confined to her bed. The rest of the family is concerned, as Regan is usually very genial.

Judge Dredd goes on a walk around the lake with his old flame, and they discuss their feelings for one another. The Japanese woman is torn, because she does still love Judge Dredd, but knows that he may have to kiss any or al of her family. She flees. Just then Judge Dredd sees the mysterious cloaked figure and sets off in pursuit. When he catches up, he finds the cloaked figure sitting in the woods. The figure explains that Judge Dredd is to die soon. The figure is Death, you see. Judge Dredd explains that he needs to live longer in order to find the killer, and administer justice. Death says that he can live longer if he wins a game of chess. Judge Dredd and Death sit to play.

Regan is becoming worse. Her face is swelling, and her voice is taking on strange growling ethereal qualities. The family becomes convinced that she may be possessed by an otherworldly presence. They hire an exorcist, an elderly priest, to help them.

Ming arrives in Earths orbit

Judge Dredd runs out on his chess game, hoping to prolong his own life. He is immediately asked by the elderly priest to help in the exorcism ritual. The priest explains that perhaps the presence within Regan was the one who killed the old fisherman. Judge Dredd agrees to help. But in the middle of the exorcism, fiery blasts begin blowing up the landscape! Ming is attacking! Judge Dredd sets his investigation and exorcism aside for the time being, and decides to stop the attack from space.

On his way to the spaceport (where he intends to take a spacecraft to confront the space attacker), he is stopped by Death again. He explains the situation to Death, but Death is only interested in completing the chess game. Dredd explains that if he dies now, the world could be destroyed, but Death is indifferent. To everything its time. Judge Dredd is able to outrun Death, and make to his ship. He works his way into space to Mings attack station.

Below, the exorcism continues. Regan floats and vomits, and hurls insults at the elderly priest.

Judge Dredd is able to, in a spectacular gun battle, make his way to Mings chamber, and punished him for his crime against the planet Earth. Ming does not die, though. In fact, Death appears once again, angry that the chess game has not been completed, and takes Judge Dredds life.

Ming sees that he was almost defeated, and is humbled. He decides to become Ming the Merciful, and, as a fist act of mercy, spares the Earth. In fact, he returns Judge Dredd to his small fishing village for burial, and decides to help his loved ones.

Ming discovers the possessed Regan becoming still more violent. The elderly priest is struggling. Ming joins the priest, and they try to complete the exorcism together. The priest, however, dies in the struggle. The wicked spirit giggles, and Ming demands the spirit take him. IT does. He throws himself out the window and down a staircase. Ming, however, only manages to banish to sprit from his body, and survives.

The family is grateful to Ming, and asks him to explain to the Judges that it was the wicked spirit that killed their fisherman, and that Judge Dredd died in the line of duty.

Ming ends up ruling the world, but with a benevolent hand. Regan remembers nothing of her possession, and the quiet fishing village continues to live in peace. Death, however, continues to roam the earth 

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