Film review by: Witney Seibold



Like in Slaughterhouse-Five, Linda Hanson (Sandra Bullock) finds that she has become unstuck in time. She is living one week of her life out of order, and it happens to be the same week her husband (Julian McMahon) died in a car wreck. So she wakes up, and someone tells her that he died yesterday. Then she wakes up the next morning and he’s still alive, then she wakes up the third day, and it’s three days later, and her daughter has wounds on her face that she doesn’t remember.

            Any film that plays with time like this ought to have rules. Even Bullock’s last film (2006’s “The Lake House”), while confusing at times, at least stuck to its own pattern. “Premonition” plays a little faster and looser with its temporal rigmarole. Case in point: those aforementioned facial wounds. She has the wounds on Saturday, doesn’t have them on the previous Wednesday, the day Jim dies, but received them the previous Monday by smashing through a window, which then was repaired the rest of the week. I guess screenwriter Bill Kelly didn’t take as careful notes as Bullock’s character did during the course of the film.


            Although the film is well-directed (by Mennan Yapo) enough that none of this is readily obvious (as my friend Marc would say, it doesn’t pass the refrigerator test – when you think about the film on the way home after seeing it, get in, sit down, get up to get a drink from the fridge, then say… “Wait a second…”). After a few moments of careful though, “Premonition” falls to pieces. But while it unreels, it’s pretty cool.

             The opening scenes show Bullock upset that her husband bought a house without her help. The ending scenes show her finally at peace and happy alone. If seen as a parable for a failed marriage, “Premonition” is rather canny. But seen as the wacky, “thriller” it purports to be, it’s mediocre.

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